Violence against women can affect women and children in any socioeconomic, religious, ethnic, racial or geographical group. Sexuality is no protection, heterosexual or gay women can be equally vulnerable. Violence against women cuts across all ages and educational needs.

Gender-based violence can be seen as a consequence of gender inequality and an abuse of male power and privilege.  It takes the form of actions that result in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women or children.  It includes physical, sexual or psychological violence occurring in the family, within the general community, or in institutions, including domestic abuse, rape, sexual harassment and intimidation at work and in the public sphere, commercial sexual exploitation including prostitution and trafficking, adult survivors of child sexual abuse, dowry related violence, female genital mutilation, forced and child marriages and honour crimes.

We recognise that many women do not want to contact a refuge but need help in their own communities.  In addition, rural living can have its own difficulties which impact on an already difficult situation.

Many of our workers have had first-hand experience of violence and abuse and fully understand how you feel.

We work gently, having patience and compassion but above all we are there for you.  Our aim is to develop your confidence and increase your self worth.  This will allow you to see the abuse differently and not as something you deserve or in any way as a result of your behaviour.

These changes will enable you to take charge of your own life, make your own decisions and not be controlled by anyone else.  We can provide information on housing, benefits, schooling, your rights, etc.  We can liaise with other agencies on your behalf so that any changes or involvement with police, social work, etc. does not add to your stress.  We also offer a counselling service which is free of charge for the women we support.

You are our priority at all times.