We are a community based organisation in the Highlands set up in July 2006 to offer support, information and advice to men, women and young people who are experiencing or have experienced a violent or abusive relationship.

We are committed to alleviating the stress of anyone in the community who is living in difficult circumstances for whatever reason.

We aim to accommodate, support, counsel and empower people, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, class, caste, religion, belief, sex, gender, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, health or other status, to live freely and without persecution, violence or abuse.

Domestic abuse is not only something that just happens between a man and a woman. Adult family relationships can also test people's patience to the limit and tensions can escalate, the consequences of which can sometimes be catastrophic.  The time to seek help is before things reach breaking point.

CoVASS understands the importance of being listened to, believed and not being judged. We also understand that it is crucial to know that there is a way out of abuse and that there are choices. We have a philosophy of empowerment as we recognise that a major aspect of abuse results from loss of control.  


IF you have children you have probably tried to protect them and shield them from arguments or violent episodes.  Just because your children are in a different part of the house, this does not mean they are not aware of what is going on.  Even if you have managed to shield them, they will be aware of your changing moods.  Violence and abuse affects everyone in the household.

Most children would benefit from being able to talk about what is going on and talk about their feelings but they may be reluctant to do this until they feel safe.

You may believe that keeping the family together is best for the children despite the ongoing fear, anxiety and abuse.  However, children will feel more secure with one parent in a stable safe situation than two in a situation of violence, anger and fear.